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5 Reasons To Gate Lead Nurturing Content

November 30, -0001 Spear Marketing
Free Slideshare for B2B Marketers: 5 Reasons to Gate Lead Nurturing Content It’s a common belief amongst B2B marketers that content offers in a lead nurturing campaign, as different from a lead generation program, don’t require forcing the respondent to complete a registration form. The theory, often expressed, is that “we already know who these people are.” However, in practice, gating lead nurturing content makes sense more times than not. It’s not essential that all lead nurturing content be gated, or even that all lead nurturing emails have an offer in the first place, but it is a good idea to host most nurturing offer content behind a landing page and registration form. In this brief, engaging slideshare presentation from the lead nurturing experts at Spear Marketing Group, discover the top 5 arguments for gating offer content when appropriate. To receive monthly tips, strategies and information on upcoming events about demand generation, event marketing, and more, be sure to subscribe to The Point.
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