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5 Tips For A Successful PPC Landing Page

August 24, 2015
Where do most paid search (PPC) campaigns succeed or fail? Though it’s typical for marketers to invest more time and legwork in the mechanics of search (keywords, bid strategy, campaign structure), one could argue that the majority of PPC campaigns are won or lost at the close: the landing page. The rewards from making even slight improvements to your PPC landing pages can be dramatic. Improve conversion (click to lead) rates by just a percentage point or two and you can increase lead volume (and slash Cost Per Lead) disproportionately. In this slideshare, discover 5 tips that can make a difference, including: -How to optimize your call-to-action (CTA) -What to sell on your landing page, and how to sell it -How to write an effective landing page headline -What does and doesn't need to be included on your registration form -Why you shouldn't skimp on selling copy, and what exactly needs to be included To receive monthly tips, strategies and information on upcoming events about demand generation, event marketing, and more, be sure to subscribe to The Point.
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